The most important resource available to HEPACO’s clients is our staff of qualified, experienced environmental professionals. Our project management and field personnel have solved technical and operational issues on thousands of complex projects spanning a wide range of remediation methods, contaminants, and site conditions. Our senior project professionals are among the most experienced in the industry.

All HEPACO field personnel complete our comprehensive, structured training curriculum to ensure that they perform hazardous waste site operations with full regard to safety. This program is in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and includes an initial 40-hour training course, annual update training, incident command training, and additional training for managers, supervisors, and employees who may respond to emergency situations involving hazardous materials on rail, waterway, highway, pipeline, and fixed facilities.

HEPACO is exclusively an environmental contractor. We are not affiliated with any engineering firm, testing laboratory, hazardous waste or disposal facility, and therefore have no conflict of interest in these areas. We realize that the successful completion of a project depends on assembling a qualified, cooperative, and motivated team. In this spirit, HEPACO works as an integral part of the project team, offering our specialized knowledge to assist in project planning and value engineering.

HEPACO is committed to performing environmental cleanup work effectively and at a fair price. Our distinction is our strong focus on quality, safety, and customer service. Quality is the source of our personal satisfaction in our work. HEPACO’s fine reputation, success, and growth are all attributable to the quality of our services.

HEPACO conducts remediation using procedures that meet stringent requirements to protect the health and safety of workers, the public, and the environment. Our trained professionals operate within the framework of a variety of environmental regulations and understand the impact of local issues on site cleanup. We work closely with the project team to develop and implement a coordinated, low profile solution to meet client needs and regulatory concerns.


 Statement of Qualifications (PDF)